Nicolas de Vicq, Consultant, Coach & Speaker

“I had the opportunity to be coached by Christine and she helped me finding what’s essential for me for driving a meaningful business. She has all the passion, skills and awareness to support your development!”

Egon Wülfert, Head of Technology Advancement at Volcano

“Christine has a very robust approach to executive coaching that enabled me to implement a change management strategy to drive my team through a series of major re-organizations while at Boston Scientific.”

Pierre Geens, R&D Director, iSTAR Medical

“Christine has this wonderful ability to build immediate intimacy and trust that fosters the coaching process. Her flexibility with regard to the client’s needs and constant adaptation to the “coachee” ‘s progresses allowed us to reach our common objective on time. Christine is moreover a forward-looking person, which makes her a perfect partner for young start-up companies like ours. I would recommend her without hesitation.”