Team building

Key steps of a team building process
– First meeting with the decision-maker (objective setting and concrete examples).
– Development of a proposal that meets the objectives of the decision-maker.
– Contract with the decision-maker.
– Modification of the concrete proposal in line with the objectives and wishes of the decision-maker.
– Facilitation of the session.
– Debriefing with the decision-maker.

Characteristics of a teambuilding
– Duration: often 1 day (sometimes shorter).
– The team can also be guided for a longer period of time.
– Number of participants: often 5-12 people (sometimes more).
– Activities to strengthen relationships and build trust.
– Facilitation style: fun, interactive and open.

Main methods used
Multidisciplinary approach (MBTI, positive psychology, neuroscience, NLP, Transactional Analysis, CliftonStrengths, Appreciative Inquiry, Ofman Core Quadrant, Nonviolent Communication,…).

The result
The new climate of trust that is usually observed (radiant faces, humour and complicity) strengthens the cooperation within the team.
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