Coaching in organisations

Key steps of a coaching process
– First meeting with the decision-maker and the coachee to set the objective.
– Contract with the decision-maker.
– Agreement with the coachee (confidentiality and mutual commitments).
– Usually about 10 two-hour sessions with the coachee.
– Evaluation of the coaching results with the decision-maker and the coachee.

Key success factors
– Trust relationship between the coachee and the coach
– Full commitment of the coachee to achieve the coaching objective.

Main methods used
Multidisciplinary approach (MBTI, positive psychology, neuroscience, NLP, Transactional Analysis, CliftonStrengths, Appreciative Inquiry, Ofman Core Quadrant, Nonviolent Communication,…).

The coaching result
The coachee is often transformed! After a coaching, the person will generally be radiant, enthusiastic and full of energy!

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